• Nicole Lisson

The Magic Space Between Order and Disorder

Dr Pillay’s recent book is a marvelous invitation to Leave the cult of focus and accomplish more by doing less. Not to mention enjoying living far more. Dive in – riches there.

In this moment of heightened uncertainty, I find myself called to comfort many who are struggling: hating not being able to predict. I want them to enjoy the vitality of arising ecosystems.

Most of us born in the first world were shocked to find a new virus sharing our ecosystems. We’ve come a long way since March… where is your focus now? What are you welcoming? What will you conserve as the world ‘reopens’?

I am relishing the (slow, un-pushed) pace I sought for a quarter century; exploring new postures walking, sitting, reading, witnessing. Delicious exchanges zooming help open me further to un-focus. Working on moving my arms in the wind the way the trees do…

Tuning in to arising ecosystems requires soft eyes and ears. This brilliant exposition will help get you there.

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