• Nicole Lisson

How did Chesney Grow Those #LeadingChops?

While finding your feet, designing how to move in an arising, increasingly-remote world AND somehow managing not to fight with people of polarizing views, where/what is your North Star? Behold a leader with a rare compass: his community.

Brian is of the #SharingEconomy tribe, a leading #TravellingAdventurer. As both host and guest in the Airbnb game, I can testify that we do indeed take care of each other. With rare exceptions, Airbnb exchanging adds pleasure to a game that’s already about pleasure. For a distinct – global – group of humans.

The CEO of Airbnb Taught Us an Extraordinary Lesson When He Fired 25% of His Company

Being human makes you more money in the long-term.

What does #AgileLeading look like? Take care of your community. It’s easy if you’ve been doing it all along! I’ve not heard it said, but as part of the Community, I discern a powerful #CorePromise from this leader and his company: enrich the experience of travel adventures through shared passion and vulnerability.

Armed with that clarity, he’s a model of #BusinessAgility: not by current revenue or liquid capital, by the enormity of his humanity, and the resulting resilience of his community. #LeadingRemotely

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