• Nicole Lisson

Sudan NextGen Boosts Shared Wellbeing

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

"Be bold, be real, and lead with love," is the mantra that Sally Ellata lives by. When it comes to making positive changes in business, society, and her own life, she is ambitious and fearless."

Speaking at the Agile20 Reflect Festival, Sally Elatta referred to herself as ‘just a girl from Africa’, who thought she might use her skills to uplift a collapsed country.

Elatta came to the United States to attend college and later founded AgilityHealth. She felt called to use her skills as a change leader in American business to fuel social change in the renaissance of her birth country, Sudan. In the wake of the Sudanese revolution in 2019, she created Sudan NextGen, an online platform that unites experts and change agents in Sudan and around the world to advance social and governmental transformation in Sudan.

She created the conditions for shared intentional wellbeing: building bridges between people that mobilized civil society, enabled business/public sector cooperation and forged democracy out of shambles.

Elatta models agility: being bold enough to step into the unknown, to open our minds to new ways of interacting with the world and with others. Sudan NextGen exemplifies the extraordinary power of collective caring in action. She says that anyone who wants to achieve big goals must dream, believe in oneself, seek knowledge, and never be afraid of failure. Failure is inevitable when paving new paths, so let’s learn from our mistakes and keep moving toward our goal of collective uplift.

As we rethink and reconstruct our communities, leaders like Sally remind us that they ‘didn’t know what they were doing’ either; they just knew they had to help, trusted that most humans long to contribute, and enabled a way for everyone to step up.

We can choose to uplift shared wellbeing. We can learn.

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