• Nicole Lisson

Community is the Pandemic Winner

Bloomberg Businessweek writes, Did Airbnb Win the Pandemic?

Answer: Yes, via its good community bones. By conserving the ability of Guests and Providers to co-invent as their worlds changed. Community is the locus of resilience; ask any biologist.

Airbnb’s genius is the collective itself. In Community, everybody is a Customer. Community wealth = collective wellbeing: ecosystemiQ in action.

As 2020 comes to a close, our practice community celebrates the rise of people attending their nearest and dearest, saying hello to their neighbors: moving in the right direction! Our brains evolved for collective caring. We descended from creatures who learned around a campfire. 2021 will be the year to mindfully build community.

We’ve got lots of work to do!

Below is my most recent experiment. Leave yours here!

I live in a remote area with few neighbors, all of views very different than my own. One neighbor wants to be friends, which he began demonstrating through my dog. We’ve progressed to short visits on other matters; he and his wife have been in my house; I have been in theirs. Last week, the dog and I walked over to say hello. Neighbor said, ‘I’m going to ask for a permit to cut down this tree! It’s such a mess.’

I slowed my breath, confirmed that he meant the maple, ‘YES! those awful leaves all over the place..’

I asked if I could pick them up; ‘They’re excellent kindling.’

Happy ending; the tree has at least another year to live, and we’re better friends.

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