• Nicole Lisson

A New Vitality for Our Time?

More than anything, I want you and yours, and our enterprises and communities, to enjoy the gift of ongoing vitality. Despite the escalating challenges of modern life, genuine resilience is within our reach (even if sometimes counter-intuitive.)

Our brains really do determine what’s possible both personally and in business.

Neuroscientists say that aging is a process of rigidifying. Facing almost intolerable uncertainty, it’s tempting to fall into habits that reduce resilience. But recent insights from brain science offer the choice of boosting vitality instead of losing it.

I am writing today with two gifts: this delightful article shows the interactive drivers working in a real example. And this new eBook shows how to apply them in your personal life as well as your enterprise.

It takes a bit of determination, but you can put the drivers to work for you. Open your holiday gift. And pass it on to anyone you care about. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

From my heart and mind to you and your loved ones, Marsha

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