ecosystemiQ Intensive

13 week vitality/performace uplift

A proven process that advances key objectives while mobilizing shared smarts and wellbeing.

Create an environment where people are equipped to respond to change with BestWork.

Your initiatives can soar!

Whether you’re in an agile transformation, economic development or looking to build a healthy working environment, this friendly cocktail of brain science and anthropology will uplift your value partners, and leave them in a self-sustaining inquiry: how can we make our daily interactions even richer?

What's in store for your 13-week intensive?

     ✓  Recruit an EcoTeam to advance your objective

     ✓  Learn to map and score current value exchanges

     ✓  Reflect on what’s arising in your shared ecosystem

     ✓  Track the uplift in Shared Vitality, compare with quarterly success metrics.

Once our Shared Vitality Metric is loose in your world, surprising performance will follow.

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