Re-culturate for collective wellbeing 

Systematically enrich the interactions around you, elevating collaboration in any environment.

Recruit collective smarts to advance key initiatives.

Track shared uplift in your ecosystems.


Equip your organization or community

Embed qualified Guides in your world. Each cohort of 9 Guides serves as a self-fueling engine of shared learning. Each Guide can steward up to 6 key initiatives/year, in EcoTeams of 9: tracking rising wellbeing against quarterly objectives.

Rising wellbeing spreads to value partners throughout your ecosystem, via peoples’ daily interactions. Your leading Shared Vitality metric tracks the uplift and measures against other indicators at quarter end.    

Dedicated ecosystemiQ Guides get your people in shape for healthy agility – the way our brains evolved to optimize.   

If you’re an organization, realize the surprising agility of collective smarts

If you’re a community, develop a resilient, BestWork environment

If you’re a foundation, optimize your investments while elevating shared wellbeing