Vitalize Your Community

Our communities are reeling in economic and social upheaval. Let’s seize this moment to rebuild in a way that grows wellbeing, inspires contributing and dignifies receiving.


A healthy, resilient commons is a collective choice - within our reach.

Vitalizing your community is all about observing and elevating the value-exchanging that comprises your current ecosystems. Learn to systematically expand what’s enriching and minimize what’s depleting. Whether you’re part of an economic development team or looking to uplift your family, neighborhood, or circle of friends, you can learn to curate ancestral smarts in your community of choice - bypassing the cultural dead-ends that have impoverished so many of us.

Ongoing change breeds new vulnerabilities, creating opportunities to learn together and to care for each other. BestWork campfires generate social safety, equipping your people to respond far beyond their training and credentials. A leading Vitality Metric tracks elevated wellbeing and compares with your current quarterly success measures. 

Ready to be surprised by what ancestral smarts can do?

Value is generated in interactions of human beings.

Just a little neuro-physiology of value exchanging illuminates and energizes.

A leading metric reduces ambiguity and stress while promoting curiosity.

Ready to advance what's important?

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