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We dream of a world that elevates collective vitality and retires individual merit.


Marsha Shenk

In 2019 Marsha founded ecosystemiQ, which views businesses and communities as ecosystems that are comprised of interdependent, living networks that are constantly responding to change. 

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Mary Berry

As both executive and consultant for companies with household names, Mary Berry's successes combine the power of vision, objectives, and humanity. She has overcome multiple facets of human resource challenges, helping managers and employees advance toward professionalism and fulfillment.

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What We Believe

Our brains optimize ‘around campfires’: much as our ancestors envisioned how to keep their progeny safe. To the detriment of our species and planet, industrialized cultures reward individual achievement.  The opposite of what every good coach knows.


ecosystemiQ curates the conditions that fuel collective smarts. We’re here to equip you and the people around you to enjoy the natural rejuvenation and ingenuity that have powered human communities for millennia: collective care in a changing world.

We view organizations and communities as complex ecosystems: interconnected and interdependent living networks responding to each other and their environment. We spent decades proving repeatable practices that systematically and systemically finesse the prisons of inherited culture: reliably elevating shared smarts and wellbeing, tracking against quarterly performance indicators. 


Outfit yourself and your organization with practices that nest in your learning systems and readily meet current metrics while cultivating shared vitality and performance.

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