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Our brains evolved as our human ancestors learned to keep their offspring safe from large-clawed-and-toothed predators: by collaborating in small groups. Unfortunately, modern cultures reward individual achievement, disregarding the natural rejuvenation and ingenuity that arises from deeply shared commitment. We invite you to enjoy rediscovering ancestral smarts. Reflecting in a small group, learn to extend and measure collective uplift - so that you and those you care about can be in shape to thrive in an ever-changing world.

EcosystemiQ views organizations and communities as complex ecosystems: interconnected and interdependent living networks responding together to ongoing change. Our interdisciplinary approach includes a leading indicator that tracks your steady increase in workplace agility and community vitality. Informed by a cocktail of Business Anthropology, Interpersonal Biology, Philosophy of Language and Martial Arts, our practices systematically and systemically cultivate collective wellbeing.

EcosystemiQ Guides

Marsha Shenk 

Marsha coined the term Business Anthropology in the 1990’s, claiming that commerce, society, and the brain co-evolved. Her passion is helping people overcome the forces that make “work,” “career,” and “business” sources of stress, rather than enriching, collective experiences. She has bred BestWork environments with leaders from Fortune 100 to microbiz, facilitating profitable, sustainable products and processes.

In 2019 she founded EcosystemiQ, which views businesses and communities as ecosystems that are comprised of interdependent, living networks that are constantly responding to change. Each interaction has an effect on members of the ecosystem, so Marsha works with businesspeople and individuals to enrich and deepen interactions among members of organizations and communities. Her practices vitalize collective intelligence.

A popular speaker and a beloved teacher and coach, Marsha continues to illuminate how to cultivate collective wellbeing in commerce. She wants everyone to enjoy more skillful interactions - anywhere, anytime.


Debra Pearce-McCall PhD 

Debra is a leader in integrating the science of mind and brain with the relational dimension of human life. Her work in communicating, connecting, and learning is informed by decades of study in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) in a clinical, academic, and workplace setting.

As an EcosystemiQ Guide, she brings a rich background as author, executive, coach, clinician, and educator. Known for her engaging energy, she makes it easy to apply wisdom from the sciences everyday human experiences. Debra illuminates multiple levels of human systems to optimize workplace dynamics. A Senior Consultant with The CreatingWE® Institute, Debra is currently writing a book about human wellbeing and the relational neuroscience of everyday leadership. What increases wellbeing for people and our planet? How do we use our daily interactions to catalyze resilience and growth across many levels of human systems, from brains to businesses?

Debra wrote her first paper on the mind at age 12 – and began mindful awareness practices soon after. She has taught at several universities, co-created products and curricula, written academic papers, and speaks internationally. Even with decades of study and inner work, she considers being a parent her most incredible journey in understanding minds.


Gracie Koester 

Gracie brings a multi-disciplinary background to strategy and team performance. In addition to guiding ecosystemiQ practice, she serves as an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) coach. A life-long athlete and Business Geographer, Gracie focuses on leading individuals and communities to greater impact and reward.

Gracie loves to reveal ‘invisible’ layers and interconnections that simplify what may appear complex. She integrates a people-centered approach with a strong focus on metrics. She combines big picture thinking and attention to detail, enhancing that sweet spot of productivity and creativity: brighter ideas, brighter work, brighter people.

An experienced facilitator, listener, and coach, her work spans healthcare, design, advertising, tech, retail, construction, and social impact.


Mary Berry

Mary Berry has been vitalizing workplaces for more than four decades. A seasoned Human Resources strategist, she’s known for building learning cultures within corporate environments and small businesses.

As both executive and consultant for companies with household names, her successes combine the power of vision, objectives, and humanity. Mary has overcome multiple facets of human resource challenges, helping managers and employees surmount struggle and advance toward dignity, professionalism, and fulfillment.

Her passion for individual and team development has proven that leaders can and do emerge at every level, often reaching potentials beyond their own expectations. Mary holds a BS in Public Relations and has completed advanced training in leadership, facilitation, coaching, strategic planning, and communication.


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