Let’s Uplift Our Workplaces and Communities

"The uplift was so fast! We could focus only on enriching our interactions with each other and all of our value partners. We don’t have one minute for anything else."


- Heather, Director, Workplace Innovation.

Equip yourself and those around you to run on dignity instead of anxiety.

ecosystemiQ is the savvy that arises from ongoing collective care. Our brains evolved for it: the longing that we feel to connect and contribute is based in biology. Join us:

Re-forming our habits.

Re-setting our success measures.

Re-upping our local squares, piazzas, agoras, zocalos: respecting our need for each other. 

Gateway Dojos

ecosystemiQ Uplift

Guide Training

The first few steps to shared wellbeing.

90 minute guided collective discovery. 

A proven process that advances a key objective, as well as collective wellbeing.

Embed the tools and skills of shared wellbeing in your world.

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We are a professional learning community elevating collective smarts with a proven cocktail of Business Anthropology, Interpersonal Biology, and Martial Arts.