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We are smarter when we reflect together.

Humans evolved by learning in groups. We know now that collective intelligence is activated only through collective caring.

EcosystemiQ equips leaders with relational practices to mobilize collective wellbeing.

Create workplaces and communities that run on dignity instead of anxiety.

Equip your people with the skills to care for one another and to address complex problems together.


Create dignity and care in any environment to activate collective smarts.

Make meetings energizing instead of depleting.

Use our Vitality Metric™ to measure the ROI of improving relational wellbeing. 

Explore three contexts for Dojo practice

Grow Your Skills

Learn to enrich your daily interactions and extend collaboration in any environment.

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Advance Workplace Wellbeing

Use collective smarts to move a key initiative forward and advance wellbeing in just 12 weeks without overtime.

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Vitalize Your Community

Elevate your group, family, or neighborhood with collective wellbeing.

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About Us

EcosystemiQ equips leaders with relational practices to create wellbeing inside any organization. We are a professional learning community elevating collective smarts. Our time-tested method is informed by Business Anthropology, Interpersonal Biology, and Martial Arts.

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Join us at 9:00am PST (-8 GMT) on Thursday, March 4, 2021 for an introductory practice of ecosystemiQ.

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